Sunday, July 7, 2013

Fishing at Wall Lake

At Trial Lake - ready to hike up to Wall Lake

Dad & Ben coming over the ridge to Wall Lake

Craig caught a Tiger Trout

Jennifer's dad, Kevin

Curtis & his father in law, Les.
Aiden picked a flower for his mom.

I found a poor dragonfly that something had happened to its wings. At first I was hoping it had recently hatched and it's wings were drying and unfolding, yet that was not the case.

Ben went on a little hike and found snow. He came back to the group. None of us knew he had it. He opened it up and started throwing snow at people. It was quite funny. Well, for everyone except Reese, but that is not surprising.

Reese had just slid off the large rock we spent most of our day on. She ripped her ankle open pretty good, thus - no smiling.

We saw some interesting rocks on our way down. The one Tyson is holding he said looks like a factory. We decided the one above - which was too large to pick up - looked like a face with a droopy eye.

With only having had around 5 hours of sleep the night before, an early wake up call, a long hike uphill to the lake, fishing all day, then hiking back down to the car - these poor kids were so exhausted; asleep within moments of being in the car. Part way down the canyon, poor sleeping Reese was baking in the sun. I put up an umbrella and her sleeping fingers held it.

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Bees Baseball Game later that night.