Sunday, July 27, 2008

On a Spiritual Note...

Since Greg and Ben are gone, I suggested to my mom that we go to her ward's Sunday School and then to our old ward's Sacrament Meeting.

I grew up right behind Taylorsville High School. Was born and raised there (well, all but the first 2 months of life). When I was 15 my family built a home 2 blocks East. So, that put my family in a different ward, same building.

So, my mom thought that would be a great idea. I was also going to cook for them after church. It made me feel kind of special that they were all excited for me to cook, and even my brother and his almost wife were going to come just because I would be cooking. So, I must make some things that taste good!

Well, we were in Sunday School, and I was entertaining Reese, and I had a "full circle moment". It was just for the smallest moment, but so real and so odd. It was weird for me to think that I grew up here, and my parents had taken me to church, been in the same room with me as a toddler, just as I was there with my own child at that moment. Trying to keep me quiet, entertain me, let me have my doll, read me a book ... just as I had been doing with my daughter.

So, then we attend sacrament meeting in our old ward where I grew up. There is something so very special about that ward. It has such a feeling of love there between all the people. They genuinely love and care for you as a person. Everyone is your friend - the old and the young alike. It is just a very special ward. I am blessed to be living in a ward like that right now.

The speaker talked about America. That is one of my passions, or maybe a better way of phrasing it is - I realize what a blessing it is to live here. I am so very grateful to live in America, in Utah and even Salt Lake City. I don't understand how out of all of time and any place in the world, how I would be so blessed to live when and where I do. I am also so very grateful for my pioneer ancestors who crossed the plains to come to Utah. They suffered so much.

The closing hymn was 78 Faith of Our Fathers, which was another full circle moment, I guess you could say. I had not heard that hymn played or sung since I was living in my old, old ward that I was now attending. It has a great little organ part at the beginning and throughout the song that is played loud and higher and just brought back SO many memories and feelings. The lady who use to play the organ was not playing it today, but she was sitting right there on the front row, I do remember her playing that hymn though, as weird as that may sound.

After church, we came home and I fixed chicken pillows - complete with sauce, a zucchini dish, artichokes (never prepared them before - & still haven't I guess! Jordan did it today), a yummy green salad, and a good ol' fashioned Mormon lime green jell-o salad with cottage cheese, pineapple and cool whip. As I was making it last night at 11:30, I thought that it really is pretty gross to put all those things in jell-o, but I SO love it. I grew up on it and have not had it in years.

We all ate, then the home teacher came over - last Sunday of the month, you know. And then Reese .... well, I will do another post so you can see what she did. BUT obviously you have already seen it, as it appears before this post I am just finishing.

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