Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tie Dye

Ben and Manuela twisting a shirt, getting it ready to dye
We had our good friends, the Ballards, over for a bbq and to tie dye shirts tonight. It was so much fun to spend time with them. They are about the only one's left in our condos. Everyone else has basically moved. They are still there because Greg, bless his heart (and Ang's too) is serving as bishop of the ward, and only has a few months left of his 5 years! Then they get to buy a house.
Greg's finished product. You can tell who took these pictures by how high up everyone is.
The Ballard's shirts. The boys (4 of them) did camo dye.
Jordan and Manuela did spirals
Believe it or not, Jordan was wearing gloves to do his shirt. After he took the gloves off, this was the result. Dumb gloves. Jordan was thinking that he would have to keep his hands in his pockets for pictures at Craig's wedding coming up here in a few days. Luckily, he has a very smart sister who poured bleach on his hands and it went right away.
All the shirts are still doing whatever it is that they do ~ and will be doing until the morning. Then I will have to post some pictures of how they turned out. I have 3 sitting in a bucket of dye right now, but I am not sure they will work. We will see. If it doesn't ... well, me, Ben & Reese will all have matching lime green shirts, which would still be okay. I just hope the tie dye works. Stay tuned for the finished product!


Haley said...

Are you still living in the condo's? This looked like a fun activity.

Ang;Greg said...

Awesome! You beat me to the posting, even with the guys on the computers. Love the pics- love the activity even more! Thanks again!