Friday, August 22, 2008

Where's Who? Reese? What?

So, we were outside playing for the longest time this evening. The kids were filthy. I came inside and started the bath water. Ben came in and got in the tub. He and I were being silly that one of the toys in the water was actually Reese. He was sitting on the toy and I would pretend to be upset etc. I hear Greg come in, and a few minutes later I involve him in the drama. "Dad! Ben is sitting on Reese! Oh no!" Greg adds in a little here and there "Oh no!" So, bath water is done running. A few minutes go by and Greg comes upstairs. He's standing there talking to me and Ben. I ask him where Reese is. "Isn't she in the tub?" "NO!" Ummm ... ya ... we both run down the stairs and he un-locks the front door and there is poor Reesey standing there on the porch crying to come in the house. Greg left her outside playing in the dirt, came in and locked the door. He thought I had her from the conversation I was having with him and Ben. *sigh*

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