Monday, September 22, 2008

'I' is for Ice Cream

Today at school, the letter they learned about was the letter 'I'. So, we decided that we had better stop and get an ice cream cone, since it did indeed start with the letter 'I'. I went to Artic Circle, since they are free and got them each a cone. They both gobbled it all up and asked for another one right as we were passing McDonald's. So, I pull in to their drive thru and pay $0.54 for 2 kiddie cones. Well, I guess they were out of the small cones, so the kids got a huge one. By the time we arrived home, both kids were a mess, to say the least. And, both of them were aggitated because they hate to have dirty or sticky hands. They were both a sight, but by the time I got back with my camera, the mess seemed not as bad. Then, to top things off, I had a notice on my door saying that my water had been shut off because I had not paid my bill. So, we used a lot of wet wipes.

*What you don't see in the pictures of Reese, is her whole ice cream cone seated right beside her in the carseat all melted, messy and gross.*

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