Monday, September 22, 2008

A New Blanket

Before Reese was born, I went to Target and bought a cute pink and brown blanket with butterflies on it (Amy Coe). I had it at the hospital when I gave birth to her. It quickly became her favorite blanket. Well, two Sunday's ago, I washed and dried it and gave it to her for her nap. Then, we went back over to the tending house, and it wasn't in our stuff. I figured it just got left home. I have never found it. I have absolutely no clue where on earth it could be. How many places could it be?? Not that hard, Natalie. She wakes up from her nap, you drive 2 streets over and don't have it. So, tonight Greg went to Target after work for cat food, and came home with a new blanket he found for Reese. It is huge and has a picture of Tink on it. She thought it was pretty neat. I spread it out on the floor, and she laid right on Tinkerbell and gave her a kiss. I am still holding out hope for her special blanket to surface somewhere.

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Amanda said...

Nothing like a great blanket. I see you are rolling in the dough! Reese is giving it away. Have the wind blow it my direction would ya?
Cute pictures! As always.