Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Why So Long, Natalie??

Okay ... so I am so good to post nearly every day, this is killing me that my blog is not changing.  Yes, life is more than exciting with 6 children, but between homework, reading, practicing spelling words, doing girls' hair, cooking 2-3 meals a day and an after school snack (yes, cooked), making sure the piano gets practiced, teaching 15 piano students, picking up from kindergarten, taking and picking up from pre-school (a 25 minute each way trip), cleaning, laundry, dishes, moping, vacuuming, scripture study, family prayers, making sure Reese gets diapers changed within a reasonable amount of time & two naps, talk & entertain all children ... I cannot seem to find a minute to take a picture, let along blog about anything.  I did however take some pictures of Reese today that turned out pretty cute, but alas, they will have to wait.  I have also done 2 photoshoots of a couple girls, but you wouldn't be too interested in me posting them.  I have put photography on hold, though, which I am proud of myself.  I have scheduled things into October to make sure I don't go crazy with other people's children in my care.  I hope my blog gets a little more interesting sometime soon.  I also hope I get some time to get to the diced tomatoes in my fridge from my garden before they go bad.

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