Sunday, October 12, 2008


Reese found a new joy in coloring today. It took up quite a bit of time. And, she tried to draw on her forehead with crayon only once. So, I think we are making progress :o)

Ben, for some reason, wanted to write the name Porter. So ... he did, with the help of Greg's mom helping him sound it out. I was amazed at how fast her wrote each letter. He knew exactly what to do, and I think it looks really good.


Ang;Greg said...

You have very smart kids! Ben writes really well for his age and Reese coloring... Clay has no interest so far. I'm probably dreaming- he's way too busy for such a calm activity. Darn!

Suzanne said...

It kills me that he still has another 2 years of preschool. Seriously!! The pictures of Reese in the mirror are so hilarious. And the White Sunday title, I mean what are the odds!! Who knew! -Suzanne

ashlie said...

Hey Natalie, it's Ashlie Little. I finally started my blogging again. My blog is private, so e-mail me your e-mail and I'll invite you. Your kids are so cute! Ben is one smart cookie!!