Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Baby Talk

"Why don't I have a brother? I want a brother."

"The next baby Mommy will have will be your brother."

"When will he be here? I want a brother."

"Probably by next Halloween. What should we name him?"


"I like the name Thomas. I really like it."

"Or how about Drippy? I like that name. Yes. Drippy."

"Hmmm. That's interesting."

"I know, I know ... let's name him TinMan. Ya! TinMan. That would be cool! Then, for Halloween we could dress him up like his name. He could be the Tin Man from the Wizard A Boz. Yup. TinMan it is! My brother TinMan."

"That would be fun. We'll have to see."


Mandi Lloyd said...

Oh Ben.. you are too cute! I guess the pressure is on for another boy!

Mandy, Brant, Jaxon and Boston said...


Haley said...

LOL. Thomas or Tinman. HMMMM. That's a tough one.

Suzanne said...

Wow, you promised him a brother. Curious what you are going to say if you find out that you are having another girl! Good luck and here's to having another boy! -Suzanne


That is funny!

Lana said...

Oh my goodness! I love it! TinMan Thurman. You would be right in there with all the hollywood celebs with odd named babies!

marnanel said...

I like the name Thomas. :)

-- a random Thomas Thurman happening by