Monday, October 20, 2008

Broken Scooter Forces Change

Ben was riding his scooter today (bought from the Morgan's 2 years ago) and while in motion, it broke ... never to be riden again.
Alas, it lead to the permanent getting rid of his binkies. Binkie's, you ask? Yes, binkies. I know, I know. He's nearly 4 years old. We had gotten rid of them months before, but a day or so after we had taken them to Toys R Us for the purchase of a Power Rangers outfit, a couple of his old binkie's surfaced. By that point in time, he hadn't been sleeping, because he didn't have them. They were his comfort. So, I let him have them. It was selfish of me, for I wanted him to continue taking naps. I needed that time for me.

So, he has had them only at night time. Never during the day. Since starting school this year, we have cut out naps all together. He was just sleeping too long, and couldn't fall asleep at a decent time at night.
So, when the scooter broke this evening, we told him he could take his remaining 3 binkies to Target to get a new scooter. He agreed. We did one last photo shoot of him and his binkies and he and Greg were off to the store.

This was just moments before he crashed in the gutter. Poor guy.

Nights have been a breeze lately. Within 2 - 3 minutes of being in bed, he is asleep. Tonight, however, was very difficult. It took him at least half an hour to fall asleep.


I know they have to grow up sometime. It's just hard to let them do so.


The Little's said...

Binkies are so hard to give up no matter the age. I would say a brand new scooter for getting rid of 3 binkies- good trade!

The Morgan Clan said...

Wow , that little red scooter got a lot of use.
Hey we are in the same boat. We just got rid of Colby's binkis this weekend. He comes to our room, at least three times a night and naps are a distant memory
:( :( :( so sad for Mom!

Suzanne said...

Good for you mom!! Be strong! Binkies will be a thing of the past and this post is a great tribute to say goodbye! Scooter looks really fun! Hope he gets a lot of riding in before it snows! -Suzanne