Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Day For Myself

I've been having a hard time in my life lately. My dear friend, Zuzana, knew this & sent me a gift card to the Sego Lily Day Spa. Greg had the week off from work, so I decided to schedule some time for me. I arrived early, sat by the fire, and enjoyed ... nothingness.
Then I was taken away for an hour long massage. It was beyond heavenly. The human touch is so powerful. As I was getting massaged, my body was relaxed under her touched, but also electrified. Awakened. Every nerve ending seem to come alive. That was the shortest hour of my life.
I then went and sat in a steam room until I could take the heat no more. Drank a cold glass of water, and enjoyed some more time by the fire in the most comfortable chair I have ever placed my behind in. They offered a lovely snack of nuts and dried fruit that was beyond delicious.
I was then taken away again for a facial. As I lay there on the heated bed, she starts cleansing my face and neck. So relaxing. She then starts spreading something on my face that smelled so good. I was in heaven.
My face is burning.
I am on fire!
I lay there pretending everything is fine and as relaxing before this liquid fire was applied to my skin.
Does she know I am about to die?
Silly and fictional as it is, I thought of Bella lying on the table (Twilight) in excruciating pain, not daring to unclench her teeth for fear she would cry out.
Eventually the burn wore off, and I was able to continue in my relaxation.
I then returned to the steam room and sauna before grabbing my book and camping out by the fire for the next 2 hours, sipping water and eating nuts and fruit.
I stayed as long as possible, but alas ... I had to step through the doors of heaven and back to reality.
Thank you, Zuzana for a wonderful & much needed day! And thank you Greg for running the kids around and being in charge of my life for a few hours.


Kelly said...

What a thoughtful friend! Your experience sounded heavenly. It is so fun to see all the activities your family is up to. You are truly an inspiration to me of how to be a great mom! Thanks so much!

Have a Happy Halloween!

Haley said...

You found a true friend there! So, so sweet. You're just like me. If something burns or is too hard (massage) I just sit there and take it. I don't understand myself sometimes.

The Little's said...

Good for you! You need to do that more for yourself.


That sounds like SO much fun. Lucky you!

Mandi Lloyd said...

You soooo needed that! Sorry I didn't get you message until later in the day!

Suzanne said...

After leaving the preschool, I have had you on my thoughts. I hope you are alright and I am glad to see that you were able to get out and relax! The woman that gives and gives and gives needs a break to refill herself! What a great friend to give you that gift! I hope you are feeling better soon! If I can do anything to help, let me know! -Suzanne

Leslie said...

Good for you!!! Talk about overdue ~ what a great friend ~ You deserved every relaxing minute and I am glad your face didn't burn off! :)