Sunday, October 12, 2008

I So Win

So ... I do the post of the kids playing in the snow. I title it 'White Sunday' because that's what it is.

I get off the computer and visit with Leslie for a while.

Back upstairs. 52 hits from all over the world on my blog in just minutes.

Leslie googles 'White Sunday'.

Aparantly, White Sunday is a Samoan holiday looked forward to the whole year. It is celebrated on the second Sunday in October (today).
It is a day for the children of Samoa where they are specially appreciated by their parents and their communities. They have to perform for their parents and relatives in church by ways of reciting Bible verses, performing creative dances and dramas.
On White Sunday the women and children dress completely in white clothing. Some of them trim the clothes with the other two colors of the Samoan flag, red and blue. Men will wear white shirts with either white slacks or the traditional lavalava. If a lavalava is worn it may not be white. White Sunday is celebrated all over the world, wherever a Samoan church community exists.
In Samoa they call this day "Lotu Tamaiti".Translation in English is "Children's Day" or the "Children's service".
Before we googled and found out about 'White Sunday' both the children were singing and dancing (performing), and Ben was dressed in red and blue.
I just wanted to let everyone know that I so win. Never knew 'White Sunday' existed. First snow of the season, kids out playing, me taking pictures, blog them, think of a creative title ... there you go. White Sunday. A holiday that will be celebrated from now on in my family and Leslie's family. Here is your invitation to join our family next year for a celebration with lots of good food and our children performing with songs and dance.


Renay said...

How cool is that! I am a white chick living in the Samoan islands. I am in the process of writing a post for my blog about White Sunday and looking for pictures I can legally use because my daughter dripped chocolate on her white church dress before I could take a decent photo ~ arhh. And then I come across your blog, see the nice family photo in your header, then scroll down and see snow...huh??? You sure had me going for a minute! Blessings, Renay in Samoa

Lana said...

HOLY COW! You amaze me, Natalie! I LOVE YOUR BLOG! You put me and my dumb blog to shame.

Leslie said...

reading that White Sunday was a holiday celebrated on the very day I looked it up was the oddest experience I have had in a long time! One more reason for a celebration?! Bring it on!