Friday, October 24, 2008

It Is Done

The alarm goes off at 5:00 a.m. Oh, so tired. How can it be time to get up already? Get up, shower, hair done, make-up on. Check the clock 5:55 a.m. time to wake the kids up. Poor groggy children who don't want to leave their warm beds at such a ridiculous hour.

We drive in the dark and 34 degree weather to Alta View hospital. Check in and wait.

Ben has a breakfast of 4 pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, eaten over a garbage can as not to spill crumbs.

He takes pictures.

Roo gets grumpy when they put the sticky thing on her toe and name bracelet on her ankle.

She is mad.

They give her medicine to make her calm.

Miracle. It works. Mellow girl.

Doctors come. Nurses come.

We see my cousin Brady, who works there. We talk.

They take Reese back, and Ben and I wait. We wait as long as it takes me to eat an apple.

She is done.

Old ladies, drinking Diet Coke, comment on how well behaved Ben is and to keep doing what I'm doing with him. "So well behaved." they say.

We go to recovery. We wait for Reese. Brady brings her to us.

She is MAD.

I try to calm her by singing and swaying. I give her a bottle of apple juice.

She flails. She hits. She screams. She cries. She hits and screams some more. Inconsolable.

This is normal, they say.


We can go home now.

It's 9:00 a.m.

Here is Reese snuggled in her car seat, ready to be in her own environment.

Reese is being well taken care of by her Doctor Ben, stethoscope and all.
Reese says she wants candy. "Canny. Canny." She says.
I give in and give her a little package of M&M's received the other night from the trunk or treat at the church.
She is happy.

We watch Finding Nemo.

It is a pajama's kind of day.

No school for Ben.

We will all stay in today and have a fun day at home.


Lana said...

Oh, Natalie! You are so strong! I went through Weston having surgery about a ear and a half ago, and I totally remember the recovery period. It was Hell.

I hope you keep your chin up. Have a wonderful day at home. I love you.


I am glad everything went okay, give her a big hug and kiss from us.

Sarah said...

I'm so glad it went well. I'm sure you are all needing a restful day today. Your pictures are always so sweet.

Nicoole said...

Hello, all right?
But how to find my blog? I live in Brazil! Beautiful children you have :)
You from The church of jesus christ of the latter days?
I love this gospel.
I hope to contact you.
A great pleasure to meet you.
A good day for you and your family too.

The Little's said...

The poor thing! Hopefully this will make her feel a ton better! I must say Ben is really well behaved!

Haley said...

Poor little thing :(. Not fun at all. I love the picture of her with her blanket.

Laci Shupe said...

Hi Thurman Family,

I am glad that everything is ok with Reese. You have such a beautiful family and the pictures are awesome. Thank you for the party before we left life is crazy and I never got around to sending Thank You cards. We miss everyone down there and I know James misses Greg and some of the guys from Air Design. Good to hear from you keep in touch.
The Shupes

Laci Shupe said...

I just saw that you put the picture on there from Mexico I look so bad in that picture. Can you just cut and paste me out of that one.

Leslie said...

so glad it's done - that is so early to be done and home! hope things go well in recovery - miss you guys!

Mandy, Brant, Jaxon and Boston said...

Yeah tubes!! I am so sorry for that day for you and Reece but in the long run I say YEAH! Trust me it is so much better! I am so sorry I totally spaced it that day....I was working too long....I will call you tommoroow!!!! Hang in there...

Suzanne said...

Wow! 5:00 am! That is just brutal for you and the little ones! You made it and it is done! Yay! Hope the ear infection days are over!

The Ranch pictures below are killer! She has a problem my friend, you may need to go cold turkey on that one!! Ha ha! -Suzanne

sprmom said...

I remeber Maddie's first set of tubes, she was only 4 onths old. We thought we would have time to go have breakfast so we went to the cafeteria, and as we were trying to buy our food they called for the parents of Madeline Garn to please come back to recovery. We couldn't believe how fast it was. can't wait to see you on saturday.

Nicole Rabello said...

Hey Natalie, im serving a short term mission in Brazil, i've been serving already for almost 8 months :) here in Brazil São Paulo east! and my mom and my sister moved to west Jordan Utah! so i'll live there in march of next year when i finish my mission :) you can write me on

Have a great day!