Friday, October 31, 2008

Our Halloween Day

Ben had a fun party in his pre-school class today. They did a small parade and made witches brew. Then they sang Halloween songs.
Trick Or Treating

Our first stop was to see Grandpa
Then we went to Granny's work

Ben really enjoyed the lick-n-dip
Then we went to Nana & Papa's where Ben got a cool Batman figure

We went to our friends' house for pizza
Yoda Boston and Piggy Reese
Sabrina, Jaxon, Boston, Luke, Reese, Sydnie & Ben
Reese got the whole concept of trick-or-treating. She was just as into it and excited as all the other big kids.
We came home with a lot of loot!
Before he and Reese enjoyed their candy, he insisted that he bless it first.

Kids were bathed, teeth brushed and in bed by 7:45 p.m. What a great night!


Mandy, Brant, Jaxon and Boston said...

LOVE the pictures!!! Your kids are so cute!!!

Mandi Lloyd said...

How fun! We stopped by but you guys weren't there!

Ang;Greg said...

They are so cute! I wish we lived closer so we could trick or treat at each other's houses;0).

Leslie said...

so cute ~ I love the prayer shot! Miss you guys!

Suzanne said...

Ben is so DANG cute! My favorite shot is the one with the sun glasses in the batman suit. Dang! Love Reese's little looks she gives to the camera also! How on earth did you get your kids to be by 7:45? Do you wake them at 5:00 in the morning? Good gravey! I took Shae over to grandma's house that night and left her there. Trick or Treat to mommy! -Suzanne