Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Sunbeam!

Ben missed the cut off for moving on to Primary by 6 weeks. So, he has been in nursery for what seems an extra long time. He is such a smart kid, and well behaved, and just not out of control. He started his second year of preschool, when some of the other kids in the Sunbeams haven't started school at all. I had mentioned it earlier in the year, hoping he could go in to Primary with the other kids. The answer was no. He was to remain in Nursery. The next oldest child is 2 years old, nearly 2 years younger than Ben, which means come January he would be moving on to the Sunbeam class all by himself. So my good friend, who's the Primary President, suggested we put him in the Sunbeam class for the rest of the year and let him move on with that class.

When I first told Ben about not being in Nursery and going in to Primary, he cried and said he loved his teachers and he would miss them. I started explaining to him about Primary and he asks "Do they have rides?" Umm ... no.

So today was his first day as a Sunbeam. I was playing the piano for Primary today, so I was able to observe him. It seemed a lot to take in. It is, in fact, a bit different that Nursery. No Play-do, no toys, no snacks, no running and playing, no bubbles at the end. Because he was "new" they wanted him to come up to the front so they could sing the 'Hello' song. Oh, he was so embarrassed and went and sat back down before the music started.

I feel bad that he has missed 10 months of his Sunbeam class. But I am so glad that he will be in a class with other children, not all by himself.

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