Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Ward Halloween Party

Black Batman, Banana, Pig - ready for the party
Ben and his good friend Braxton were the same. They were both so excited to see that they both were Batman.

Last year, Greg and Dave came to the party in the same costume - a blow up bull riding cowboy. So this year when Dave saw Greg in his ever so popular banana costume, he went to the store and bought the same costume.
Reese was facinated with the apples in the water.

And the whole donut on a string ... she was having the time of her life!

Ben did a really good job with the donut on the string. He stuck with it and got it off without using his hands.

Then there was the fishing pond. Ben had really wanted a balloon that he saw someone else with, but once he got his bubbles, the want for the balloon was forgotten.

Greg trying to paint Reesey's face. Ya - it didn't happen.
Trunk or Treating. Ben was so excited. Reese didn't quite grasp it to begin with. I guess I should've explained it to her. About 4 or 5 cars into it, she saw that she was getting candy - and then the excitement began. She started saying "Tick - Tea" and was beside herself giddy about the candy.
My costume - you ask? Well, I was going to be a Spice Girl, but then I couldn't get the spice wrappers off my spices in my cupboard. Then I was going to be Sick & Tired, but I couldn't find a spare bike tire in our garage, then I was going to be a Waist of Time, but I could only find one of Greg's dozens of watches to tie around my waist, and it looked dumb. So, Greg just said that I went as a housewife. Exciting.


sprmom said...

at least you tried to dress up, I don't even try anymore.

Leslie said...

I have gone as a Tired Mom for the past few years - I have actually gone to some effort this year - Ward Party is on Saturday so look for pix then!

hehe.. the word verification on leaving this comment is woomine. Woo your own baby! :)

Leslie said...

oh, and I just bought a bunch of bananas at the store today, and after looking at the pictures of Greg, don't think I could stomach even one of them... hahaha

Suzanne said...

I cannot believe he went as a banana. That would have been the point that I would have taken the banana suit from him and made him rent a gorilla suit and then you two would have been a pair!! Hilarious! -Suzanne

Mandy, Brant, Jaxon and Boston said...

I LOVE IT!!! Greg made me laugh so hard this year that I couldn't wait to see what he did this year...and yes...I am still laughing!!! The kids look great also and I really missed the party!!! Jax is Batman too...we should get the boys together!!!

Lana said...

I have to borrow his banana costume for my monster concert tomorrow! Can I? Lana Banana!

Mandi Lloyd said...

We so missed out!