Monday, October 6, 2008

What the Kids Do While Mom Teaches Piano Lessons

Tonight was one of those moments where I had to stop and hold my tongue. I had just finished teaching piano lessons and had gone outside to fetch the children. What had kept Reese so entertained was playing in the gutter water. I immediately went for her - to grab her up and take her in the house, all the while to tell her that's not what we do. But as soon as I got to her, I turned around and ran to the house for my camera. She was already wet and dirty. Why stop her fun? So, I sat down and shot for 20 minutes while she and Ben played. The second picture is one of my favorites, for it shows PURE EXCITEMENT of having fun on her sweet face. Had I done what I had intended to do, so I could get on with my night, not only would she have been mad and missed out on that experience, but so would I.
These are the moments in life that matter.
*Yes, the socks started out this morning quite white*


Amanda said...

Gotta love those socks. Too funny. Cute pictures, looks like you found some "actions" on photoshop. Really fun what you can do. I love those pictures of the new baby. And that one of the mountain just below. Awesome! I miss the mountains.

Lana said...

I bet you can get those socks brilliantly white again... you'll have to let me know!