Friday, November 7, 2008

All About Ben

This morning began at 4:40 AM. Excitement again about Santa's arrival, and what presents might have been left.


In school today, his teacher came and spoke with me saying that Ben is way too smart for the class he is in. She was talking to the teachers of the advanced class, saying that he needed to be in there. They said they were already full, but Tammy (B's teacher) told them to find a kid to switch out with Ben. She tested him today and discovered he knew all the sounds each letter in the alphabet can make, he's blending sounds, reading and spelling. I reminded her that he is only 3 and shouldn't even be in the 4 year old class he is in now. He still has another whole year of preschool, where he will then attend the advanced class. He is the youngest by a year and smartest by leaps and bounds.

That was a happy moment for me.

In the car, he said "Peter Piper Picked a Peck of ... a peck is a lot. It's a number you know. It comes after 100. It's a number like 13 or 16. It's a lot."

He was saying his prayers and "...bless Daddy's busy cough."

I was singing a song I made up to the tune 'I'm a mean old witch with a hat'. "I'm a mean old mommy with a kiss." "You're not mean, you're a nice old mommy." "I'm old? Ohhh ... " "Mom, you're not old ... you're skinny!"

Ben was telling me and Greg that his teacher got grumpy at him. We asked him why. "I don't know. I didn't even do anything. I was just sitting there. (pause) Quietly!"

It wasn't the words he said - it was the cutest little innocent expression he's ever had. Greg and I just died. It was so precious.

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Suzanne said...

I say, move the boy! If he is ready, then why are you wasting money for another year? I know you have talked about the emotional part of it, but he seems fine and he blends in well with the other children. Why not try it out? My opinion is by the time he hits kindergarten, he will be so excellerated that they will probably try and put him in the 1st grade. Plus, he's been socializing with kids a year older than him for a year and half, and can you really tell an emotional difference? Go with your gut, Mom! PS he doesn't act like a 3 year old to me!More like a 10 year old! PPS I second the pretty and skinny part! -Suzanne