Friday, November 14, 2008

Caffeine = Bravery

I take the nourishing of my children very seriously. I never thought I would be like this, but having them eat healthy has become an obsession. They get a cooked breakfast, I try for a healthy lunch, only fast food when we're in a real hurry to get to school, which can be easily 2 days out of the week. Halloween has given me stress as it never has before. I take pride that my children are good eaters and I do my best to give them what they need to grow healthy.

That being said ... we were on our way to school today. Ben was nearly asleep in his seat. He goes to bed at 7:00 p.m. and gets plenty of sleep, so it made me feel bad that he was so tired as I was about ready to drop him off at school for 2 hours. We all know how that feels to be so tired and not be able to sleep (hmmm ... me every single day). So, I passed my Diet Coke back to him and let him have a few swallows to wake him up. Yes, it gave me stress that I was letting him ingest that, but ...

Ben then informs me that caffeine makes you brave.

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