Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Freezing Field Trip

Ben's class went on a field trip today. They are learning about the early Native American Indians. So they went to a tee pee to learn more about how they lived. It was in the middle of a huge snow storm, and the tee pee was not enclosed or heated. We froze! The dear teacher cut the whole thing down to about 20 minutes.

There is some good that can come from not keeping your car spic-n-span. After we got settled on the bales of hay, I ran back to the car and got my extra sweater and two blankets so Ben and I could bundle up. It was so cold, I shared my blanket with a mom next to me that I didn't even know. We know each other now!

The fastest picture ever. I thought my camera was going to be ruined from being so wet.
The kids were told to go pick out any pumpkin they wanted to take home. Pumpkins?! There are pumpkins here? Could've fooled everyone. They were all covered in 5 inches of snow!

I am SO grateful I live in this day and age with the modern conviences we have. I love my TempurPedic bed. I love to have a washer, dryer, dishwasher, heat, a/c, fridge, telephone, computer, stores, and a car. We are so blessed. I am so glad I was not an indian.


Amanda said...

can you imagine if we lived in those today? wow. I would migrate to the South....oh wait....maybe not. hehehe.

Mandi Lloyd said...