Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Snow = Christmas = Santa's Coming

After dinner this evening, Ben told Reese that Christmas was almost here because it had snowed today. I got the calendar down and showed him today's date and how far away Christmas is - 50 days. I then explained that he has to be obedient and listen to what his mom and dad say in order to get presents for Christmas. Well, he jumped right off his chair, got the brooms out of the closet, and he and Reese spent the next 15 minutes sweeping up the mess Reese had made in the kitchen (shredded Kleenex). He kept telling her she was doing such a great job and that Santa would bring her lots of presents. This could be a really long 7 weeks. It looks like it may also work out to my advantage!


MissB said...

Your pictures are just beautiful. I wish I was a photographer - love photos, so much more (beautiful and fascinating) than film...I love just looking through pictures, particularly of people I don't know unusually.


Suzanne said...

OH, I was thinking of you guys yesterday in the snow!! I was thinking that would cancel, but looks like they didn't. Oh the humanity!! Cute pics for the day! I think I might try the Santas good helper myself! -Suzanne

PS - Haven't heard from you since the email, did I say something wrong?