Tuesday, November 4, 2008

We Voted!

As daunting as a task as it may seem some days, to bundle your kids up, strap them in their car seats, drive to destination, unbuckle them, and go inside wherever it may be that gets the pleasure of your arrival - some days you'd just rather not do it.
I truly believe in the power of voting. Therefore, we went.
In Ben's preschool class yesterday, they had a poster on the wall of Obama and McCain. Each child was asked to vote for one or the other. Ben voted for Obama and informed me that is who I was suppose to vote for.
At dinner, Greg and I explained that we would be voting for McCain. Ben was quite opposed at first, but then agreed that would be alright if we voted for RaCain.
I packed the kids up and we went over to the school. I let Ben push the touch screen for me. Is that illegal?
After we got in the car, I explained to him what it meant to vote and how blessed we are to live in a free country, and how important it is to vote who we think would do the best job.
I am so grateful I live in this land and enjoy the blessings that I do.


Ang;Greg said...

I went at 7:30 this morning before Greg left so I could go alone. My kids have been fascinated with the whole process too, but they keep telling me about their friend that is voting for Mickey Mouse because he doesn't like McCain or Obama. You reminded me I need to go pull my sticker off my shirt before I wash it;0). Thanks!

sprmom said...

You look so fabulous in that voting picture. I need to get your secret after the boy is born

Leslie said...

RaCain ~ That's so cute! Aidan thinks Don a'Twain must be related to Yightneen a'Tween, the famous racecar. He walked up to a poll worker sitting in a chair, planted himself in her lap, handing her a book and said "read me a book" while I voted... That kid seriously makes friends everywhere he goes!