Friday, December 19, 2008

Ben's Christmas Program

Miss Tammy
Miss Crystal
Miss Launa
Reese could not wait to get up on stage!
Can you tell they're related? They look so much alike.

We had such a fun time. Ben did such a good job. He sang and did most of the actions. It was such a cute program, with the traditional Christmas songs like Rudolph, and some older ones by The Beach Boys.

Thank goodness Ben's mom is a freak when it comes to being on time. She wanted to get there 15-20 minutes early, and it takes 25 minutes to get there. So she thought if they left 50 minutes before it started, there would be plenty of time. Well, the normal 25 minute drive took 65 minutes. For you out-of-towner's ... we had a blizzard today. The roads were terrible and grid-locked. We ended up making it just in time to start - which was 10 minutes late.


Amanda said...

That Miss Launa looks very familiar. I think she use to be Young Womens President in my ward when I was in YW. Right after her mission, before she got married.

Amanda said...

Yep, I remember Launa Robinson was her maiden name.