Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Morning

After we got the kids settled in bed, Greg started wrapping presents (not one had been wrapped yet) and Natalie started cooking and baking.
Reese started sobbing at 11:00 PM. After she cried for an hour and wasn't settling down, she went to bed with her mom at midnight.
Long story short - let's just say that Natalie got less than 2 hours of combined sleep.
Reese ended up being very sick. She has double pink eye and a high fever.

Ben was so excited for his crazy eyes that Santa left him, but soon got frustrated that they were "cheap" and not to his expectations.
Frustration melted away when he saw his punching gloves.
Reese loved her ball game Santa brought.

Binocluars from Granny & Grandpa
The last chain on our countdown! That was a long 37 days!


Leslie said...

cute pictures! Merry Christmas!!!

Sharp Family said...

There is nothing better than Christmas morning (except, I suppose, a Christmas morning without sleep-deprivation and vomiting!). Santa brought that same ball-popper toy for Teague, definitely a favorite around here!