Wednesday, December 10, 2008

On Her Way

I am so happy (and slightly shocked) to report that after putting on big girl underwear this afternoon, Reese had NO accidents. She kept clean and dry and told me every time she needed to go potty! Even when we went out to eat and get a tree - which I had set out another pair of underwear and jeans to take with us, but convienently forgot them on the couch - she stayed dry! At dinner, she told me two times she needed to go potty. I took her in and she went. Came home from choosing a tree. Dry. Went potty. I almost felt a little guilty putting a diaper on her to go to bed because she did such a good job today I didn't want to confuse her. But I just explained that's what we do. Underwear during the day, Elmo diapers at night. I am so proud of her! Not even 18 months old yet. Do I dare hold my breath??


Suzanne said...

You lucky girl!! Not even 18 months yet!! I love the Chinese before the Christmas tree! We use to have Chinese every Christmas eve but they closed the restaurant.

Good to see you today and chat! I really enjoy talking with you. You are so great! -Suzanne

PS. I keep thinking about chocolate kiss m&m pretzels today.

Rose, Corey and Matthew said...

That is so cool!!! Way to go Reese! Matthew was like that too, I was REALLY shocked! But it was GREAT! Congrats! Keep up the good work!

Haley said...

WHAT!?!?! Can you bottle it up and send it this way?