Friday, January 16, 2009


We went to the dinosaur museum
today with Ben's class.
Ben was so very excited to go. If had not been, we probably would not have attended, as his mommy was
very tired.
We did go, and we were sure
happy we did!
It was such a fun day!

All the kids on the scale to try and
add up to how heavy T-Rex was.
Reese was enthralled with the shark.
She thought it was the best!
Reese trying to climb in the exhibit.
Half tempted to leave her :o)
Throwing sand. Yes, throwing.

My little paleontologists.

Ben standing by the Triceratops in his new dinosaur shirt from the gift shop. He has such an awesome mommy!
Ben imitating the dinosaurs.


Rose, Corey and Matthew said...

That is awesome! Where is this at? Matthew would LOVE to go! I love the picture of Ben with his mouth open, he looks just like the dinosaur on his shirt! Very cool!

Rosengrenclan said...

My boys would think they had died and gone to heaven!

Amanda said...

That is one that we love to see when we are in town. I cannot believe how big those bones are. So fun.