Tuesday, January 13, 2009

In a Nutshell

Here is an overview of our past 3 weeks:

Reese gets pink eye
Reese gets high fever
Day 3 of fever, thought she had bladder infection
Kids Care
Attempt to cath her 7-9 times
Ended up with bruises on her legs
Natalie gets stomach flu
Ben & Reese get stomach flu same time
Greg feels ill for over a week
Ben vomits for a week
Reese doesn't eat for a week
Reese gets pink eye again
Ben gets runny nose and cough
Ben gets pink eye
Natalie get migraine and vomits
Kids are at each other all the time
Reese gets pink eye again
We think we're better
Hold our breath
Reese gets terrible runny nose & cough
Ben gets terrible runny nose
Starting to get better
Today ... Ben gets pink eye again


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