Sunday, January 4, 2009


I am crossing my fingers that we are over this stomach flu bug at our house! Natalie started with it last Saturday, then the kids and Greg got it. It lasted almost a full week.

So, after 6 dishwasher loads full, and 8 loads of laundry done - today, I think we may be caught up from just after Christmas.

Reese and Ben are at it. Oh boy. All I heard all day long yesterday and today was "No! It's mine! It's my turn! Don't hit me! Mom!" And I felt I was telling them all day long to stop it. I tried being a good mom and sitting down with them and showing them how much better it is when we talk nicely and play together and take turns. They did great with me sitting there, but within 2 minutes of me walking away, they were at it again. I am hoping this is not the beginning of anything permanent. I hope it is just because they are still not feeling well and perhaps just tired.

Knock on wood.

Reese has also got the little attitude going on. She has mastered the word 'no'. Ben never went through that. Ever. She gets whiny and throws herself down to the ground when something doesn't go the way she expects it to. She has started folding her arms, pouting her lips and turning away if something is not the way she wants. She is definitely drama. Wow. Cute as ever, but .... wow!

I have also started that Skinny Service that you may have read about, that has been taking the rest of my time. A wild fire has started. In less than a week, I have nearly 30 people on board. We are all so excited. Greg has actually purchased me a domain, and paid for it for 3 years. I think we may be looking to go big with this. We'll see.

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Suzanne said...

I have heard that when children fight over a toy, then the toy has to have a time out. That way, the toy is being punished and the kids don't feel like they are being punished. It seems natural for that age. I only have one so I may not know anything that I am talking about. -Suzanne