Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ben Turns 4

I was talking to Greg on the phone, turn around and there's Ben ... trying to tape his nose up. It was the funniest thing! Glad my camera was right there.

Reese was having a BLAST with the balloons. I need to make it a point to purchase a couple helium balloons every few weeks. The fun they had with them was worth the couple of dollars it cost.

Ben had been very, very sick the day before his birthday. He vomited 35 times in a 12 hour period. He was feeling almost all the way better by the time his birthday rolled around. Instead of inviting everyone over for dinner and cake, we just had our immediate family come. Jennifer was sweet to play Star Wars with Ben.

Every year, I make a really neat cake for Ben's birthday - at least I try to. This year, he told his granny that he wanted a Krumball Cake. So that's what he got!

Ben's class celebrated his birthday the next day at school. We made cupcakes for his friends. They sang 'Happy Birthday' to him & enjoyed their cupcakes. He even got to wear a crown.
I am so grateful for Ben. He is such a joy in our family. I am so blessed that he is my son. He is so sweet, kind, caring, sympathetic, genuine, silly and so smart. I am so thankful I get to be his mother.

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Katie said...

I'm soo glad he was feeling better by his birthday. It looks like you all had a great time! Happy Birthday to Ben :)