Monday, February 2, 2009

Say What ... ?

This is one of my sweet piano students. I have known Beth since she was a baby. I love her and her family. They are truly a joy in my life.
Beth came to her piano lesson the other day. We were just getting started. I had Reese on my lap, and she was putting a sticker on the inside of my left arm, just above my elbow.

Beth:"What's she doing?Playing with your fat rolls?"

Natalie: "No, she's putting a sticker on my arm."

Beth: "Oh. I thought she was playing with your fat rolls. You're so lucky. I wish I had fat rolls."



Suzanne said...

Fat rolls? What is she blind? You have no fat rolls? Maybe she was referring to your cha cha's. Those are close to your elbows. Whatever!

Reese is at it again, the little stinker! What patience you have. You inspire me with the love you have for your children. -Suzanne

Sarah said...

LOL! I agree with Suzanne, maybe she thinks your hoots are fat rolls.

I could write a book about things my students have said to me....oy!

KayceRee said...

Absolutely hilarious! Gotta love kids!!!