Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My Baby Brother

Happy 22nd Birthday to my youngest brother, Craig.

When my mom was pregnant with him, I was SO hoping he was a girl, since I didn't have a sister, and knowing that this would be my last sibling. I remember running home from 3rd grade, excited to find out what it was that my mom had. My father met me outside and wouldn't answer my question whether it was a boy or girl. He assured me she had a baby. When he told me it was a boy, I let my head fall against the yellow brick of our home. I was disappointed.

We went to the hospital that evening to see him. He weighed 10 pounds and was 23 inches long. I remember thinking that he looked like a sumo restler. He was HUGE!

I am so very glad that he was not a girl. I am thankful to have him as my brother. He is such a great person, and I am glad we are so close.

Post Script: It wasn't until this moment that I thought of doing this post. I will have to make up pretend birthdays for my other 2 brothers who I failed to recognize their birthdays just recently. Prepare to celebrate again!

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