Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Our Wii Party

Greg rented Raving Rabbits TV at Blockbuster. All the kids (and Greg) had such a fun time playing it.
While they were playing the Wii - Leslie and Natalie were giving their jiggly legs a much needed workout while entertaining Reese & Aidan at the same time. It was our Wii workout.

Up & down ... over and over and over again.

We were laughing as much as the kids were.
Cousin kisses


Eventually - the two little ones ended up sans clothes.
Leslie & I made a big pan of brownies, and tried to convince the kids that we were taking it to a sick family in the ward. They didn't buy that for very long. Ben kept saying he smelled brownies. Leslie told him it was peanut butter & toenail casserole. Peanut butter is one of the only things that Ben does not like. We eventually let everyone else share in the sugary yumminess.
However, at 5: 45 the next morning, I was sure wishing I hadn't made those brownies last night - either that or wished I had darker carpet ~ as Ben got very sick and started vomiting.


Suzanne said...

You are so not alone on the vomitting child. Looks like you guys have had a ball the past few days. Too much fun at your house! -Suzanne

Ashlie said...

It looks like you all are having a great time!

The Christensen's said...

Great leg workout...I love the picture of Reese striking a pose...how cute...and nothing cuter than a nudie booty!!! Ha!