Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday Night Excitement

While this peaceful quiet sleeping was going on DOWNSTAIRS
Fun and complete craziness was happening UPSTAIRS.
Aidan chillin' & eating his ice cream sandwich.

This infamous piece of ice made it's way
-quite noisily-
Down a number of people's shirts and pants.
With Drake hanging upside down on the couch,
Reese would come over and kiss & tickle him ...
And ended up sitting on his chin.
Aunt Natalie had a blast putting both of her
Nephew's hair in pigtails.
Here is a picture of Aidan.
Drake refused his picture to be made public.

The kids had fun playing Ring Around the Rosie
A terrible snow storm arrived
Brady had a brilliant idea that they should
Go for a LONG barefoot run in the snow!

Their poor feet were RED and NUMB.

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