Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Not the greatest Easter shots here of the kids finding their eggs and enjoying their goodies. We have 9:00 AM church - and we were NOT late.

A chicken that pooped egg-shaped gum. Ben thought it was awesome!

( My kids REALLY need new jammies)

We are grateful for the knowlegde we have of Jesus Christ and for the sacrifice he made for each one of us. That is what we are trying to focus on with our kids, instead of all the eggs and such.
I really like what my friend, Suzanne's tradition is each Easter. I think we may start doing that next year. Click here to see her great idea.


Suzanne said...

Cute Easter Pics!!! A very Un-Birthday to you! Yay! Manuela is back with your brother and your curtains are beautiful!! Congrats on that! -Suzanne

Sharp Family said...

Very cute pictures! You do great work:)

The Christensen's said...

Love love love the pics of the kids...adorable...i want you to do some for me..soon!!! Hey so I saw your mom on sunday...can I just say I love her and I love your whole gosh darn family...I miss you guys. I am so excited for Jordan...Like so so so excited, I want to cry about it. I hope that you love her as much as you would have loved me as a sister in law...ha...did I just say that??? Just teasing. Thanks for all of your words of encouragement on my are a great example for me. Lets get together next time I am up that way!!!