Monday, May 11, 2009

Alone in DC

My mother was kind enough to watch the kids so Greg and I could spend some time in DC by ourselves. We decided to go to the Holocaust Museum first. I had been there before, but even so, it was still as horrific to me. It made me very grateful to live where and when I do.
Side note: As we were walking down the street - a busy street - my pants fell down. Quite funny, especially because there was a man walking right behind us.
Then we went to Arlington National Cemetery.

It was so beautiful and peaceful. We were there close to closing time, so we got to see that last changing of the guards for the day. It was very neat.
Side note: When we were by JFK's site, I noticed he had a son that died days after birth the same year he was shot. I pulled out my cell phone and called my dad to ask him what month JFK was shot. I got yelled at by a security officer. You can't talk on cell phones there.

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