Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Wedding

The day started out with lunch at the
Joseph Smith Memorial Building.

Rilee stayed this way for such a long time.
It was so cute to watch.

Elder Oaks was at the temple that day.
We were tricky and got some pictures.

Seconds after the above picture was taken, Tyson slid down the side of the temple. Thank goodness Uncle Craig was there and caught him before he biffed it at the bottom.


Suzanne said...

These are very stunning pictures!! Way to go Natalie!! I just love wedding pictures! -Suzanne

Ashlie said...

I love the one of just us girls turned out way cute!

Sharp Family said...

Great pictures Natalie!

The Christensen's said...

Okay I have been waiting for you to post these...I feel like I just lived the whole day through pictures. How fun...Okay I love love love the picture of the four of you kids laughing! I love the picture of your dad swinging Reese...Love the pics of Jord and your mom,love the shoes, love the dress, love the family, love the cake, love the food (okay I know I would have). love everything!!!

lexiloon said...

Beautiful photos, Natalie! You amaze me. I am happy for Jordan!

Crystal said...
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The Slacks said...

LOVE the pictures! I'm so happy for the adorable couple!! By the way, my blog has the same background, I need to update it more often though.