Saturday, February 20, 2010

Benjamin Turns 5

Time sure does go by fast.
It didn't seem that long ago that I found out that I was finally pregnant with Ben. We had waited so long for him. He was such a beautiful baby; we were in heaven.
He is attending his third year of preschool. He can read words that are 10 or more letters long. He has his first loose tooth. He loves his sister. He is such a good boy and we are so proud of him.

Reese had a very late and long nap, so she stayed up and helped me decorate the night before Ben's birthday.

Yes, Reese got a present too.

For breakfast, there was cinnamon rolls, strawberries, blueberries & kielbasa.

Ben had school on his birthday. His good friend in class had her birthday a couple days before Ben's, so they celebrated it on the same day. We both went in on an ice cream cake for their class.

Benjamin had been BEGGING to go to Jumpin' Jacks, which we pass two times a day on the way to school. I always tell him that we will go sometime soon. So Greg and I surprised him with a couple hours there after school.

Then we met Granny & Grandpa at Texas Roadhouse for dinner.
Ben was treated with a dish of ice cream.

His "Official" celebration was held on Saturday, as that was the best day for everyone to get together for dinner. It was small, as it was just Granny, Grandpa, Nana, Papa, Craig, Jennifer &
Aiden. Ben chose to have pizza, so we ordered from Papa Murphy's.

And what is a birthday without chocolate rum cake from Schmidt's? That is Ben's favorite cake. This is the first year I have not made him a cake (a spectacular cake, I might add). He wanted a Krumball cake, so that's what we had.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Ben!! Love you, Miss Tammy :)

The Christensen Clan said...

Glad to see you back to bloggin'! I have got to get back on top of mine!