Thursday, March 18, 2010

101 Things About Me

1. I hate to have dry hands. Working in the dirt or with flour nearly kills me.
2. I don't judge.
3. I love Leatherby's Ice Cream - especially Toasted Almond.
4. There is nothing I ever wanted to be more than a mother.
5. I put Carmex on my lips every single night before I go to bed.
6. I love going to the dentist.
7. I am a Preschool Teacher and love it.
8. I have been the Primary President for 4 months and feel WAY too young for this calling.
9. I don't have girlfriends that I chat on the phone with or go to lunch with.
10. I am very passionate about photography.
11. One of my greatest fears is having my children taken.
12. I have to blow-dry my hair. Cannot stand to let it dry naturally. The feel of that bothers me to no end.
13. I am not a runner, but would someday love to be a runner & run a marathon (or just a half).
14. I had no clue the absolutely wonderful man my husband was when I married him over 11 years ago. Now, I look at him and wonder how I was so blessed to end up with someone so amazing.
15. I always wanted to have A LOT of children, but there are many a day where I think I am complete with the two I have :o)
16. I had artificial insemination done 3 times to get pregnant with Ben and 2 times to get pregnant with Reese.
17. I have a very genuine love for people.
18. When I have time on my hands, I want to work in a retirement home and take care of old people again. I truly loved that.
19. I do not like cookie dough anything. Love baked cookies, though.
20. I cannot STAND a messy house, but sadly it is that most of the time.
21. I love to travel, but have no money to do so.
22. I love Washington DC
23. I do NOT enjoy putting clean laundry away.
24. I love animals, but HATE fur all over the house.
25. I love to eat out at restaurants.
26. The only food I dislike is black licorice ... well, and cookie dough too, I guess.
27. My tempurpedic bed is one of the best things I've ever bought.
28. My amazing husband and I do not share a bed or a room, due to his horrible snoring.
29. I only watch 2 shows on television: LOST and Desperate Housewives.
30. I never thought I was "depressed" but taking Prozac was one of the best things I have done for myself and my family.
31. I gained 20 pounds this past year. Hate the way my body looks, but I can't complain because I have enjoyed EVERY single bite along the way! :o)
32. My drivers license has now been expired for 1 year and 2 days.
33. I don't like camping.
34. I think Clorox Wipes are one of the best things EVER!
35. Whenever I kill a spider or an ant in my house, I always say 'I'm sorry!' to the little bug.
36. I cannot stand to not wear a bra.
37. Have not fought or argued with my husband in I don't know HOW long. Months & months.
38. So very glad to live in this day & age. Love the convenience of cars, washing machines, vacuums, running water, heat, etc.
39. Wish money was not an issue/problem in my life.
40. I love to watch little birds.
41. My favorite bird is the pelican.
42. I don't like to watch sports on tv
43. I secretly wish I could go back in time to Pioneer times and talk with them and live their way of life and tell them of things in the future.
44. I love horses and horseback riding.
45. I have to put on lotion after a shower.
46. Wish my husband and I would go out more.
47. I loved being pregnant, giving birth & having little babies in the house. Older age is what I am struggling with at the moment.
48. My hair is totally gray. I die it every few weeks. I hate it.
49. I cannot stand having a bath in a dinky little tub. I would rather have a shower ANY day. Of course, if it was a very large & jetted tub, that would be different.
50. I don't understand the complete evil in this world.
51. I have a strong testimony of Jesus Christ and His restored gospel upon this earth.
52. I don't think badly of other Christians just because they don't belong to the same church I do. I think it is great that they do believe in Christ, no matter their religion.
53. People who talk bad of others bother me. We are all human.
54. I loved every moment of my childhood and would go back and do it all over again if I could.
55. My favorite number is 21.
56. I desperately want new carpet. Greg says 'no'.
57. I avoid confrontation at all costs.
58. Secretly wish I could play the guitar, but cringe at the time and effort it would take to learn.
59. The calling in church I never want to have is that of Organist (yes, I have an organ in my basement if anyone wants it)
60. Had my first kiss at 14.
61. I don't want my kids to grow up.
62. I always stress about the smell of my house. Scentsy is my favorite.
63. It bothers me that people don't type words all the way out - like 'u' or 'cuz' or 'r'.
64. I hate writing with chalk.
65. In 7th grade type class I cheated and never really learned where the numbers were and with what fingers to use them. Still have trouble and have to look at the numbers when I need to use them.
66. I love October.
67. I have absolutely LOVED growing up with having 3 girls cousins - all 4 of us born within 4 weeks of each other.
68. I had a very close relationship with my grandmother & miss her very much.
69. I started shaving my legs when I was in third grade.
70. One day I want a fancy sewing machine.
71. I'm not too crazy about swimming.
72. Never been to Moab.
73. Have three darling kittens and honestly don't want to give any of them away.
74. I love to have a garden.
75. I love barbecued fresh tomatoes from the garden with butter, fresh garlic & Parmesan cheese.
76. Rodizio is one of my favorite places to eat.
77. I have my concealed carry permit.
78. I also own a gun.
79. Wish I could tan, but sadly only burn.
80. I love peanut M&M's.
81. It bothers me that people don't like me.
82. I hate any negativity.
83. I love for all things to be ironed, even my children's levis and t-shirts. Although I will only be nuts like that one or two times a year.
84. I have a hard time saying no, but truly enjoy helping others - even when it runs me into the ground.
85. I love, love, LOVE 70's music - BeeGee's, Neil Diamond, Peter Paul & Mary, John Denver
86. My favorite color is, and has always been, purple - deep purple.
87. I love the smell of Iris flowers; they remind me of my Grandma Evans.
88. I really don't like to eat cereal. I will only eat it 3-4 times a year, and it's Honey Nut Cheerios or Life.
89. When my shoes squeak in squeaky snow, it gives me goosebumps. Hate it.
90. I took a couple years of German in high school, and can still remember and understand quite a bit - which now comes in handy that my sister in law is German.
91. I cannot draw worth ANYTHING, but really wish I could.
92. I have a really hard time accepting things from people - like a gift, or their help.
93. I love to go to the day spa. I've been twice and actually have a gift card waiting for me to go, but I seem to be waiting for the "right" time. I think a massage is one of the best things EVER!
94. I love to spend money on groceries. It gives me a lot of stress to try and not spend much.
95. I have taught piano lessons for 10 years or so.
96. Truly do not want to send my children to public schools.
97. I only own 4-5 pairs of shoes.
98. I don't do enough for myself.
99. I have visited: Banff Canada, Puerto Vallarta x2, Cruise x3, lived in China for 6 months, Scotland, England, Belgium, France & Germany (not to mention California, Las Vegas, Idaho, Colorado, Wyoming, Virgina). One day I would LOVE to go to Hawaii.
100. I need to simplify my life and concentrate on being a better mother.
101. Enjoy sunsets and think they are all breathtaking.


Jordan said...

I absolutely love everything that you wrote. I do not think that I could come up with that many things about myself. I am so proud of you and I am honored to call you my sister. I love you dearly.

CO Lamb Fam said...

I don't know why you don't think you have girlfriends to go to lunch with, If I was there I would go in a heartbeat. I also know that everyone LOVES you! You Rock. I totally understand the grocery thing but am working to cut back to save money :) I also want to play the guitar but stopping to actually do it is another story. I thought you played.

Haley said...

Natalie this was fun to read! I learned some new things about you. I guess it's been forever, but it's funny how those close friendships seem to stick with you for a long time. Hope all is well!