Thursday, March 17, 2011

Natalie's 33rd

I celebrated my birthday Princess style.  The theme for my day was indeed Princess.  It was Cinderella.  My children had been vomiting, so instead of going to school, I stayed home with my munchkins and cleaned and cleaned.  I washed the windows, the curtains, the floors, the dishes.  I did not wash myself or my teeth.  So by the time dinner came, and everyone came over - I was looking 'hot'.  Wow. 

Dad brought over stuff for sloppy joes and a cake from Schmidt's.  Mom had done WAY too much (making my day special) that she was in too much pain to come to my party.  Greg's parents came and so did Craig, Jennifer and Aiden.  We ate and sang and partied until 8 or so.

The next day at school was a celebration indeed, especially because of St. Patrick's Day.  I got sweet presents from my little preschool kids, a birthday crown, and sang to :o)  It was a great day.

I do have to say, however, that on my birthday - when I realized we weren't going to school from said vomiting, I slept in until 8:30 or 9:00 and woke to Greg back home, bringing the kids into my room with fresh bagles and homemade cards from the kids.  That was my favorite part of the whole day.  Love them.

Thirty-Three Things About Me:
1.  I am 40 pounds heavier today than I was a year ago.  I hate this so much, but I know how I got here and I admit that I have enjoyed every single bite and lazy moment.  And although I may not like how squishy my body is at this moment, I am grateful that I have enough food (and treats) to eat and never have to go without.  I am so blessed to live when and where I do.

2.  I have come to the realization that I am not a wonderful mother.  I am not a horrible mother, but I am nowhere near where I'd like to see myself.  Having said that, I have quit my teaching job at Little Learners Academy for the next school year so that I can better myself as a mother and raise my children right, as they will not get a do-over.  They are only young this one time, and I cannot afford to be so busy during their childhood.  

3.  I am really not a dog person.  Yes, we got a dog.  I felt sorry for her.  I am glad she is here and is in a happy and loving home, but I don't really like dogs.

4.  I love my cats.

5.  I am a good cook.  I can make a lot of really great things.  I just haven't been taking the time to do so.  I will have more time coming up to where I hope to better these yummy skills.

6.  I have a desire to run a half marathon.  I will do that within the next 2 years, is my goal.

7.  I cannot go to sleep without putting Carmex on my lips.

8.  I love thunderstorms.

9.  Outer Space scares me to death.  I do not like the thought of large planets floating out there in nothingness.

10.  I love to watch birds.

11.  I love to plant and have a garden.

12.  I would one day love new windows and a new kitchen.

13.  I love to read, and do so every night. 

14.  I have never read the entire Book of Mormon all the way through.  It is my goal to change that and have it read by the end of the year.

15.  I am Primary President and think it is the best and most rewarding calling.

16.  I love to drink water.  Ice water is my favorite.  I carry around a dumb Weight Watchers mug with a straw everywhere I go - filled with water.  I would like to get a more stylish one, but can't bring myself to spend the money on one.

17.  I love nature.  I don't step on bugs and I tell my children to not step on bugs.  

18.  I love (LOVE) to go grocery shopping, especially at Sam's Club.

19.  I have had 3 back surgeries.

20.  I would love more children, and would like to get pregnant here in the next year and hopefully have twins.  If not twins, then 2 children really close together and then be done.

21.  I never knew how much I could love someone until I had my children.  And although they can be a handful and frustrating at times, I am so grateful to my Father in Heaven for allowing me to be their mother.

22.  The longest plane ride I have been on was 17 hours from LA to Hong Kong.

23.  I love going to the dentist.

24.  I have never been to Hawaii, but would love to go there someday.

25.  I would love to own chickens.  My friend Michelle has some that lay eggs for her every morning.  Her husband built a cute little coop, and now I want one. 

26.  I don't like to swim.

27.  The pelican is my favorite bird.

28.  I love to give but have a hard time receiving.

29.  Life is going too fast.  I wish it would slow down.  If I could go back in time and do my whole childhood over again, I'd do it in a heartbeat.  I loved it all.

30.  I love Greg with all my heart and have NO clue how I got so lucky to have him.

31.  When scanning through radio stations, I cannot skip around or go from a high numbered station to a lower numbered station.  I have to start down at the low numbers and scan through from low to high numbers.

32.  I hand wash all our dishes because our dishwasher is not a very good word in my book.  But when I use to load the dishwasher, I had to sort all the dishes first before I loaded it and everything had to be in order.

33.  I love the smell of freshly cut grass.

34.  I am going to try this next year to be more positive when it comes to me.  I will be a better mother to my children.  I will be a better wife and a better house keeper.  I am beyond blessed in my life and I am grateful for all that I have.


Ang;Greg said...

To one of the most amazing women I know: Happy Birthday! I am so glad to count you as my friend and to celebrate your birthday! You are an inspiration to me and all around you... love you tons!
P.S... I loved reading your 34 things!

Shannon said...

Happpy Birthday!!! It was fun reading those things about you. I feel the same way about Space, the thought of it scares me, always had. I don't want to go out there at all. Hope you had a great day!

Ginger said...

Hey, it's me, Ginger. That was fun to read, you are hilarious. Why don't you get a chicken coop? We are getting ours Wednesday. We have a lot in common, outer space anxiety, gardening, and recently coming to the realization we are bad mothers. ;) But seriously, it dawned on me not to long ago that I'm not a very amazing parent. I wonder if it hits when the kids get about 7 years old and you realize they are people not little toy dolls, I don't know. When Easton was a baby I remember thinking I was the best freakin' parent because I could give my kid a bath and feed him and buy him lots of new clothes. DUH. Anyway, whe should probably be blogger friends.