Friday, September 16, 2011

Smallest Snail



Granny said...

My only girl that married the best man for her is the most wonderful mother for her children. They work together and discuss things out. I'm proud of them.
It means alot to me to watch my grandchildren grow, play, and run to give me hugs and kisses when we see each other. I love it when they say that they want to go to granny's. They are good kids and I couldn't ask for any better ones. I wish Natalie could slow down a bit, but she is in that time of her life. She doesn't know how to say "No". She does alot for others with sincerety. I love you Greg, Natalie, Ben and Reese. Love your Granny.

Ashlie said...

Wow that is a small snail. LOVE the family picture you have up SUPER cute!!