Saturday, December 10, 2011

Fashion by Reese

 Reese and her friend Leila (that I tend) dress up every single day.  It's usually in summer dresses.  Thursday, they locked themselves in the bathroom for 45 minutes while they did their hair.  Later that afternoon Reese wanted to go outside.  I told her that what she was wearing was not appropriate and to change.  I told her she would freeze in the 27 degree weather.  She got a jacket on, then started complaining that she couldn't find shoes.  I was busy helping a student with a piano piece.  I told her she was on her own.  She promptly got her roller skates on, saying how they would keep her feet so warm.  Right about this time, my friend Ashlie comes over to pick up her two kids that were over playing.  We about died laughing at what Reese was wearing, then laughed even harder when she got on her scooter!

Also notice the red around her mouth from drinking juice, her hair she did herself, and the green beads crisscrossed across her chest.
AND - she did ride that scooter all over the circle and the driveway with no help, and she never fell!

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