Saturday, March 23, 2013

1978 April General Conference

I was listening to a session of General Conference from April 1978 - just 3 weeks after I was born.  One of the talks was on marriage and said the following:

To achieve a successful marriage, it is important to reach an understanding on what is expected on each of the marriage partners.  Ordinarily the husband is the breadwinner and he should be willing to work hard and to do all in his power to properly take care of the financial needs of his family.  Financial needs should be discussed and priorities set for the welfare of the entire family. The wife is the homemaker. It is her responsibility to see that a clean orderly home is maintained. Some divorces have occurred when the wife has becomes indifferent about her personal appearance and/or becomes a careless housekeeper.  I cannot stress too strongly to the sisters the importance of personal cleanliness, good appearance and maintaining a clean, orderly home.

Ha, ha, ha.  Good advice indeed.  


Ginger said...

Holy cow! Can you imagine if someone said that in 2013? Still good advice, no less.

Leslie said...

Must check the statute of limitations on this talk because I still haven't showered today... Hmmm...