Tuesday, July 29, 2008

She Looks Like ... Who???

Okay - so this is not finished yet, bear with me. I have many, many people say that Reese looks exactly like me; strangers, my family, people Greg works with. Greg's family says that Reese is a cross between me and Greg's sister Shelley (Iowa). So, this here is a picture of me (naked & bathing). My plan is to stick a picture of Shelley right next to this one for all to see. If nothing else than to just see that if Natalie and Shelley were able to create a human life, this is what she would look like!


Amanda said...

I think Reese looks just like you at this point. You never know, she may turn out to look just like Greg when she gets older.
As far as journaling goes, I am sure you have heard of that company that will make a book out of your blog. And it's not expensive. You should do it.

Lana said...

You... for sure... look at those eyes!