Tuesday, July 29, 2008

That Reese....

Eating sunscreen. I bet that was tasty. Does that make me a horrible mother to run and get my camera before I make her stop eating the sunscreen? I'm pretty sure it does, but it also makes for some cute & memorable pictures. Okay, so she wasn't eating it - eating it - she had put it up by her mouth to taste it and had it on her lips. Come on, I wouldn't let her sit and eat sunscreen.
Oh~ emptying the recycle garbage in the kitchen is so much fun! At least it was mostly plastic sacks.
Looks like the bags may not taste too bad either. I love those long eyelashes.
*Just a side note - Reese (13 months) pooped in the toilet for the first time today. She has peed 15 times or so, but made significant progress today. She had peed earlier today in the toilet, and I decided to reward her with an M&M candy. She finished it and signed "More. Eat. Candy." All three signs right in a row. It was so cute! I told her no, that if she wanted more, she would have to go potty in the toilet some more. Not sure if she caught on or not. Then, tonight when she pooped, I have her 2 M&M's and she just thought that was great. So, she may be catching on that when she goes potty in the toilet, she will get a candy. Could we cross our fingers for being completely potty trained before Christmas? That would be awesome! *

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Lana said...

Are you EVEN kidding me??? Weston isn't anywhere NEAR interested in potty training. Should I be trying to get him to do it? I hear that girls train earlier than boys, but holy cow! He is like 18 months older than her, isn't he??? Anyway, you will be lucky not to have to buy diapers soon!