Monday, August 4, 2008

Beater Lickin' Good!

Oh ... remember the fun of waiting until your mom was finished making whatever it was for a chance to lick one of the beaters. That was great ... until there were more than 2 kids, and if you were the oldest, you were given "the spoon" or "the bowl" to lick, because the younger kids wanted the beaters and you needed to be a good example by taking what you got. ~ No, my life experience wasn't that bad :o) It was really great, actually.

The kids and I made cup cakes to take to a few of our neighbors (along with some dinner as well - to 3 old people who lost a spouse this past year). Reese was quite facinated with the whole mixing action. She watched very intently and squealed here and there. Ben got to help with the mixing. He watched me do it for a minute, then repeated my same movements. I was quite impressed. He even kept the beaters in the bowl and didn't get any batter where it wasn't suppose to be. We topped it off with some cream cheese frosting and a fresh blueberry on top. I even had a taste - a very small one - and it was pretty darn good!

Oh, that messy goodness you see all over Reese ... she proceeded to walk around the house touching everything. I quickly put the camera down and the chase was on! She thought it was pretty funny.


Amanda said...

Ok, my mom use to scrape the bowl and the spoon so good with rubber spatula, there was nothing left to lick. I guess that way, we didn't fight about it.

Leslie said...

mmm... luckily, Shelley & Mark were old enough that Greg & I each got one without too much strife ~ we miss you guys already and since today is Tuesday, at 12.30 I am going to be fighting Cafe Rio withdrawals! I love the pictures ~ they turned out great!

Happy Anniversary!!!