Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Good-bye, Manuela!

Manuela had to return to Germany today. It was so sad to see her go. She had become so much apart of our lives these past two weeks. We will really miss her.
Ben and Reese had #1 Never been to the airport and #2 Never been on an escalator. I know what you're thinking ... how can any child make it to 3 1/2 years old and never go on an escalator?! We don't do too many exciting things in our family, I guess. Grandpa took them up one side and down the other. They both thought it was more than great. Thanks, Grandpa!
Upon arriving at the airport, I took Ben to the gift shop to buy something. He really could've cared less about everything except for the "slurpee" and a rice krispy treat. He was in heaven.

Too bad that security is so tight these days (for the better, I know). I would've loved to take the kids back to the boarding gate to see the airplanes take off. Ben did, however, get a lesson on all the security measures taken and why. We got pretty close enough to see a monitor for the x-ray machines to see what people had in their bags. No, not close enough to see anything exciting.

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