Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Results of the Tie Dye

Here is the result of the green bucket tie dye's I did last night at midnight. They turned out pretty good. I wish I would've done more elastics. Next time I will be a pro!
So, as I was taking these timed pictures of us ... umm ... my camera stopped working. Like, it doesn't work anymore ~ at all. Ya, I have 4 photoshoots lined up, including my little brother's wedding on Monday. Guess I will be shopping for a new camera.
That is part of the reason there are no more pictures of the shirts, to show the detail. The other shirts are in the wash right now. I guess their pictures will have to wait for the new camera!


Amanda said...

My camera has been doing the exact same thing. And I found that it is the battery. I don't know why, and it never used to do that. But now if I only have one bar left on the battery meter, it stops working.

I like the t-shirts. I have been wanting to do some tie dye.

Leslie said...

so cute! But [OUCH!] about your camera! Ugh!!! I love keeping track of you guys and Aidan got out of the shower a minute ago and said "Ben a Reese!" so we had to come and check you out. Now I need to put a diaper on him... Miss you guys!