Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Body Art

So, it all started out innocently enough. Reese was holding a dried out tube of red glitter glue. I asked her what color it was, and she signed 'red'. Ben started being silly and instead of signing 'red' by his lips, he was signing it on his forehead. I then asked why he really had a red mark on his forehead, and when he was thinking about it and not paying attention to me, I swiped a red marker across his forehead.
Then, we started singing the rainbow song. So, I drew a rainbow on his chest. Well, Greg didn't think that was very cool.
Ben drew a rainbow on my arm. He did a good job.
So, Greg had to start giving him "manly" tattoos.

Then Reese started trying to put a red mark on her head with the dried out tube of glitter glue.
That didn't occupy her very long. She soon wanted a marker of her own to join in the fun. This is what she did to my arm.

Then Ben worked some of his magic and wrote 'Ben loves Mom' on my arm. I wish I could've kept it on forever! It was so cute.

Greg had the finale of 'My Daddy is Cool', which he sure is.
Baths were not even on the agenda for tonight, but after all the artwork, a bath was in order. This is how it ended. My two tired little kids, who had had a full day with no naps.
Fun activity for anyone who is looking for something a little different. It was great. We just had the crayola washable markers. As soon as the kids got in the water, it just ran off their bodies. The only part I had to scrub with a washcloth was Ben's back. Even still, I think you can still see that he has a cool daddy.


Ang;Greg said...

too cute! I miss you guys- it seems like it's been forever since I've seen you. Hope your dad is doing well!

Leslie said...

their bodies are temples, but even the temples put on colorful lights for Christmastime that come down eventually, right?! why not washables? I love it!

The Morgan Clan said...

Looks like you are starting early with the tattoos. They are never too young to start.

I love the bathtub picture. It seems most days end similar to that at our house.

Suzanne said...

My friend, you are one brave soul to show them to draw on themselves! Oh, I cannot wait for what surprises you have in the future. The bathtub picture is priceless. You know, actually the whole experience is priceless! Way to go mom! -Suzanne