Friday, September 26, 2008

Little Girls

Little Girls are so precious. It is quite interesting how they are made. It is amazing that they come to earth with all these emotions and drama all built in - not learned. Little boys could care less if someone got mad at them, or looked at them the wrong way. Reese has mastered "the look". You do anything she does not approve of, and she gives you the most disgusting look she can muster. It is quite comical.

Tonight we went to Greg's parents house for his mother's birthday dinner. It was nice.

We got home late, and I was trying to get Reese something to eat before she went to bed. I turn around and she has my purse over her shoulder and the phone up to her ear, pacing around the kitchen, deep in conversation. I guess I know what I need to buy her for Christmas.

Little Girls.

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