Friday, September 19, 2008

Ben & Reese

We went to the doctor for Reese's 15 month check-up. She is now up to 20 pounds - just barely. That puts her in the 15% for weight, and at 31 1/2 inches 75% for height. So, she is growing and moving in the right direction, I am happy to report.

I decided while we were there that we would all get flu shots. Poor Ben ... I wish I had had my camera. It was a priceless shot of him underneath the chair, hiding from the nurse so she couldn't give him a shot. He started screaming and crying. When it was Reese's turn to get her 3 shots, Ben tells her "Reese, don't cry. It doesn't hurt. I didn't cry." "Well yes you sure did!" I tell him. Reese ended up sobbing for the next 40 minutes until she went to bed. Poor little girl.

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